Handcrafted in San Francisco

You crave change, the next best thing, to be the most unique, to be the most you. Why would you ever want to be anyone else? Jewelry and fashion are all about expressing yourself. You may never wear the same thing twice, but we never make the same thing twice.

Freshly crafted in San Francisco, Sarah's designs are each one-of-kind. She never makes the same thing twice, so you know that design is yours forever. We use the finest materials and the most precise craftsmanship to create wearable art for any occasion. 

Sarah Federman is a jewelry designer in San Francisco, CA. Originally from upstate New York, she earned her BFA in New Media Design at RIT. By day, she's a Experience Designer at Adobe, and in her free time she's dreaming up and creating new jewelry designs.

We now offer custom designs! Contact us for details.